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Does #Marxism equal #Communism?

Does #Marxism equal #Communism? Is Communism linked to Hegel? If so, what is the link?
communism and Marxism are not tied. Marx himself held to communism, but there is a difference between Marx's methodology and his personal political commitments such that his own method does not necessitate his commitments.

Communism can and also cannot be tied to Hegel. If one believes, as many Marxists do, that communism is the next logical development then the claim is that it is truly Hegelian is made. This claim, however, is without question wrong when we believe communism to be the antithesis of current society rather than its sublation. In the fact of sublation, however, we are forced to deny the most important Marxist conception of communism as something which will not include capitalism. This claim is made under a misunderstanding of what the modern state and economy are in comparison to earlier forms of society as well as how historical sublation works (what is true remains).

If communism is a principle of organization higher than market forces and civil society in general, then Hegelianism is compatible, but Hegel's communism is then merely what he calls the 'state' as a new social level under which economics is subsumed and limited. I'm particularly influenced here by Richard Dien Winfield's reconceptualization of the Philosophy of Right as providing justification for markets as an organ of freedom, albeit not the only or the most important organ of freedom, and this is something communists and Marxists tend to deny.
Antonio Wolf

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