Vlad Bout (karlsonmarxx) wrote,
Vlad Bout

Вот это рыбалка!

This is amazing. I want to build it! Danny Harper!! Check this out. What say you?Запись из ленты пользователя Dan Leveille:A Glass Bedroom

This greenhouse/shed combo was built by architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth. They launched the product in Finland in 2010 and the parts for it are available here: goo.gl/y4wBG

The version seen in the photographs were modified to also be a summer house.

Would you sleep here? :)

Photos by: arsiikaheimonen.com via goo.gl/QLs0s #architecture #design #gardening
Другие фото пользователя Dan LeveilleKaydie Wells @ Google+

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