Vlad Bout (karlsonmarxx) wrote,
Vlad Bout

Slavoj Žižek thoughts on Occupy Wall St at St. Mark's Bookshop Oct 26 2011

Recorded October 26, 2011, 7pm. Slavoj Zizek --at a book signing event at St. Mark's Bookshop in the East Village--gives a lengthy talk using the Occupy Wall Street movement as an example that now is time for slow, careful "thinking", and not simply be trapped the movement's carnival-like atmosphere, or " hip pragmatism " (37:20); don't be mired in " leftist melancholy " (45:10)

the real 99%? the wall street protesters, or the starving poor in America and around the world? (34:00)

the true lost object in melancholy is this desire (5:59)

also... at the end of the talk he inquires into the status of st marks bookshop, in danger of closing due to high rent.
Tags: zizek

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